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We are the only RICS regulated loft conversion company in London!

Landmark Lofts is the only RICS regulated loft conversion company in London! Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) was created in 1868 in the United Kingdom, almost 100 years after the Surveyors Club was formed. Its members are known as chartered surveyors and are recognised by the designation after their name: FRICS for Fellow of RICS or MRICS for Member of RICS.

RICS is a global property professional body that is committed to leading the way in the delivery of world-class governance. It aims to:

  • Regulate and promote the profession
  • Maintain the highest educational and professional standards
  • Protect clients and consumers through a strict code of ethics
  • Provide impartial advice, analysis and guidance

Behaving ethically is at the heart of what it means to be a professional; it distinguishes professionals from others in the marketplace. RICS has created a clear set of professional and ethical standards to guide the behaviour of its members and ensure that the clients of those members can proceed with confidence.

The five professional and ethical standards that have been set by RICS provide clarity for its members, who must demonstrate that they adhere to them. RICS members must:

1.    Act with integrity: This means that we must be honest and straightforward in everything that we do.

2.    Always provide a high standard of service: This means that we must always ensure that our clients, or others to whom we have a professional responsibility, receive the best possible advice, support or performance of the terms of engagement that has been agreed upon.

3.    Act in a way that promotes trust in the profession: This means that we must act in a manner, both in our professional and personal lives, that promotes each person, and Landmark Lofts in a professional and positive way.

4.    Treat others with respect: This means that we must treat everyone with courtesy and politeness in addition to respecting and considering cultural sensitivities and business practices.

5.    Take responsibility: This means that we must always be accountable for all of our actions. Instead of blaming others if things go wrong, we must be prepared to take action if we suspect that something isn’t right!

If you have any questions about loft conversions in London or the surrounding areas, or a loft conversion cost, contact the team at Landmark Lofts.

Landmark Lofts is part of the Landmark Group - the only group in London specialising in the project management of loft conversions, extensions and refurbishments to include a Chartered Building Company (CIOB), Chartered Architectural Practice (RIBA) and to be regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The Landmark Group specialises in the project management of loft conversions, extensions and refurbishments.

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