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Darrell and Amy had lived in their semi-detached house in Twickenham for 6 years when an impending new arrival prompted them to look at increasing the size of their home. And Darrell knew just what he wanted!

The Project

Darrell and Amy were living happily in their home in Twickenham with their 2 year old daughter Maya when the couple got some exciting news: Amy was pregnant again! While they had a three bedroom home, Amy’s mother stayed over each week and the couple felt it was important to keep a guest room free for her.

While having another child in the house would be manageable, the couple decided they wanted to ensure each of their children had their own room. With this in mind, they decided a loft conversion was the best option, given the considerable cost of moving. They would build themselves a new top floor retreat, freeing up one of their existing bedrooms for their second child. 

Our Approach

When it came to having their loft converted, the couple had a number of requirements. Firstly, they needed a company which could promise the project would be finished on time, as they wanted everything in place by the time Amy gave birth. A comprehensive guarantee was another requirement. They also wanted a company which could be flexible and deliver the end result they envisaged: an exceptional, bespoke loft.

Darrell and Amy contacted four companies for quotes, all of which they had heard about through personal recommendations. Two of these were companies offering a project managed service; of these, Landmark had managed their neighbour’s loft conversion, and so the couple were able to see the work Landmark’s builders had delivered firsthand, and get a thorough account of their experience. This feedback, along with the detailed consultation the couple had with design consultant Eddie gave them confidence in Landmark’s ability to deliver what they wanted.

Darrell was heavily involved with the design process, providing the architects with drawings to show them what he wanted to achieve. The design was based around symmetry, right-angles and light, with square fixtures and fittings a theme throughout the finished loft. He was pleased with how our architects turned his sketches into a fitting architectural plan with only a few amends.

The couple were very impressed with their build team, especially their site manager and found that they were quick to make changes when required. While Amy was concerned about the amount of dust that would be caused by the work before it started, they found it was much less than expected, and overall, they described the builders as very polite and tidy.

Praising the builders' work ethic, Amy said:

“They were here on time, if not early, they worked throughout the day, they were clean, and I was really impressed with them.”

The Result

Darrell and Amy’s finished loft conversion is a triumph of design. Unusually, their bed sits in the centre of the room, enabling them to maximise their use of the available floor space. Behind the bed there is a shelving unit opposite a line of cupboards. Inside one of these is a hatch leading to the eaves space, allowing the family to store little used possessions out of the way: this clever solution gives them twice as much storage in the same space.

This novel positioning of their bed also freed up the wall opposite for something Amy really wanted: a window seat, where they can sit and relax in the sunshine, with a view over their garden and the trees beyond. Another impressive and much-loved feature for the family is the skylight above their bed, allowing them to look up and see the moon and stars at night. Darrell and Maya also enjoy waiting for helicopters to fly over their house during matches at the nearby Twickenham Rugby Stadium, which they can see out of their front-facing windows.

The couple are delighted with the finished result, which was completed in time for the birth of their baby son, Theo, and they found that their new loft bedroom was the perfect place to relax afterwards. Darrell and Amy said they would happily recommend Landmark to others too.

When asked what advice they would give to others thinking about a loft conversion, Darrell says that the clearer you are about what you want before the start of the build, the better. While he had a strong design vision and provided drawings, both Darrell and Amy found the internet a vital source of inspiration, with Pinterest and Landmark's own Instagram feeds being particularly useful. This also provided them with concrete examples of what they wanted, to help give the architects and builders a clearer picture.

Amy described her new loft as:

“Like a haven, being up there in the light, and seeing the greenery from the trees across the river, it just feels really calm.”


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loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz

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