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Spruce up before you sell up!

Thinking about selling up? If you invest in your property first, you can boost its values well beyond the amount you spend on it. But spend wisely! Make sure you do things that increase the property’s kerb appeal and give the market what it wants. Here are some suggestions for you.

Create off-street parking

If you have a front garden fronting a road, you can make you property much more desirable by paving it or covering it in pebbles and making it into parking for the property. Car parking space can be a significant problem for residents in the capital and having a guaranteed place to keep vehicles is a strong selling point. People generally don’t make any use of their front gardens so, as long as you have one out back, its replacement is unlikely to put anyone off. Maybe put a few plants near your front door to compensate for the loss of greenery.

Convert your garage

Conversely, if you have a garage, you might want to do away with it and convert the space into something else. 90% of British garages don’t actually contain cars. Your garage is bound to have a driveway in front of it, so that’s all you really need. Turn the garage into something more useful, whether it’s an extra bedroom, a bathroom, or an extended kitchen. With planning permission you might even be able to extend your house on the first floor too.

Refurbish the front door

This is all about boosting your property’s kerb appeal. Having a nice, freshly painted front door which fits in with the feel of your home or neighbourhood will make the right impression from the get-go. You might also consider building an external porch, whether it’s enclosed or simply a canopy to keep off the rain while the future owner hunts for their keys.

Give the hallway some love

Hallways aren’t a space people really use for much, and tend to be cluttered with coats and trainers. Do your best to make your practical storage aesthetically pleasing. For example, keep your shoes in a cupboard with doors so they’re kept out of sight. Another great way to make your hallway look bigger, brighter and more inviting is to hang mirrors on the walls. Once again, this is all about first impressions!

Refresh your kitchen and bathroom

Spending money on your existing bedrooms isn’t likely to do much for your property values, but an old, dishevelled kitchen and bathroom will certainly drag it down. Investing in redecorating your kitchen is a great way to boost a property’s value above what you spend. The kitchen is a focal point of most people’s homes, and they’ll want it to look bright and hygienic. Nobody wants to prepare food in a dank kitchen. Similarly, a grungy bathroom can be an enormous turn off for people; they’ll want to shower somewhere that’s clean and comfortable, where they feel able to relax rather than wanting to get out as soon as possible.

Make your garden a part of your home

Whether or not you’re the green-fingered type, people like to be able to feel a connection to the outdoors. To do this, considering fitting big glass double doors at the back of the house, so people can throw them wide open and make the garden feel like a continuation of their home, rather than something separate.

Restore or reintroduce appropriate period features into your home

If you own a Georgian property, for example, people will love little touches that make it feel historic inside and outside. These can include fireplaces, cornices, or a traditional door-knocker. People will generally still want the home to feel contemporary, so don’t go overboard. But the little things can make a big difference.

Add a loft conversion

A loft conversion is an excellent way to dramatically increase the value of your property. Although it involves a significant investment, the value added can far exceed this. By increasing the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, you’re effectively bumping your house into a higher price bracket, particularly if many of the other houses on your street already have a loft conversion. A new master bedroom with an en-suite is the most common use of a loft conversion, and is one that’ll probably add the most value.

If you’re worried that a loft conversion is far too much work for you to manage just to sell your home, think again. Landmark now offer factory-built modular lofts with an installation time of just two weeks, so you’ll be free to concentrate on other things!

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Landmark Lofts is part of the Landmark Group - the only group in London specialising in the project management of loft conversions, extensions and refurbishments to include a Chartered Building Company (CIOB), Chartered Architectural Practice (RIBA) and to be regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The Landmark Group specialises in the project management of loft conversions, extensions and refurbishments.

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