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This two bedroom rental property in Chiswick was blessed with an enormous living room and kitchen on the ground floor, but upstairs, things were much more confined. The property’s owner, Mashood, spotted an opportunity to radically improve the house by reconfiguring the first floor and adding a spacious loft conversion above it. The property now boasts four double bedrooms, including an enormous master bedroom in the loft.

The Project

Originally purchased in 2008 as his family home, this semi-detached house in Chiswick later became a rental property when the family relocated. Having moved back to the house a few years later while renovating their other home, Mashood decided to improve the property before renting it out again. The work he envisaged was extensive: he wanted to add a huge master bedroom in the loft and remodel the first floor to maximise the full potential of each room.

After meeting with a number of loft companies, Mashood chose Landmark based on the enthusiasm and creativity of our design consultant; one of her suggestions in particular, a glass panel arranged beneath a skylight to allow daylight to reach the first floor hallway, was adopted in the final design and adds an impressive and unique touch to the interior.

Comparing our design consultant with other companies, Mashood said that:

“Unlike the others, she was coming up with ideas and had a real feel for the place.”

Our Approach

Mashood was keen for the loft to be as spacious as possible, with head-height and light being other major design considerations. Our architects produced a plan which, asides from a few minor alterations made during consultations with Mashood, proved to be a winner from the get-go. Despite the sheer scale of the project, it progressed smoothly and Mashood was happy with the service he received from Landmark’s project manager and with the conduct of the build team. He told us that his project manager “always came back in a timely fashion when I left him messages.”

The Result

Mashood’s semi-detached property in Chiswick was originally a two bedroom house with an en-suite bathroom and shower room, all of which were on the first floor, along with a box room which was too small for even a single bed. As a result of the loft conversion and the remodelling of the first floor, he’s now able to market a property with four double bedrooms. Removing the en-suite bathroom downstairs and converting the shower room into a family bathroom allowed him to expand the box room into a fully fledged double bedroom. Meanwhile, the enormous master bedroom in the loft features its own bathroom, maintaining the number of bathrooms in the property at two.

Despite fluctuations in the rental market in the past year, Mashood is now able to rent the property out at a significantly higher rate than before, and is confident that the property’s market value has increased well above the amount he’s invested in it. It didn’t take long to find new tenants for this gorgeous property. With its spacious master bedroom and three other double bedrooms, it’s a perfect house for a growing family, with enormous potential.

Asked how he feels about the finished result, Mashood replied that he’s:

“Very pleased... it absolutely ticked all the boxes I was looking for in terms of space and light.”


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loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz

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