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Offsite Modular Construction

Imagine adding a finished loft conversion to your house in as little as fourteen days*. An extra bedroom and bathroom, home office or kids’ playroom; all without the mess, hassle and disruption of having builders in your home for months. A loft conversion without the uncertainty of bad builders or hidden costs.  Individually designed to meet your specifications and precision-engineered by experienced professionals, modular lofts from Landmark Lofts are the future.

Step 1

Get an instant quote online, then a design consultant will arrange a convenient time to meet you at your home. Once there, they’ll help you create the perfect loft conversion, individually tailored to meet your needs whilst making the most of your home’s potential. Afterwards, we’ll carry out a 3D survey of your existing loft and draw up architectural plans. Once you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll send off the required applications for you.

Step 3

Your loft will be delivered by HGV and craned onto your home within a single day. This is the only time during the installation process that we require your property to be vacant. By the evening you’ll be sleeping safe and sound in your own home. In the following days, the installation team will seal the loft modules together, install the staircase, connect up your utilities and finish all plastering and interior work. After a total of only fourteen days, your new loft will be 100% complete and ready to decorate.

Step 4

Enjoy your loft!

Advantages of Offsite Modular Construction

  • Say goodbye to months of noisy, intrusive, disruptive building work
  • Offsite construction means strict quality-control
  • Your loft build is now immune to weather delays as it takes place in a South Yorkshire factory
  • Super-strong steel frame construction
  • Includes a new roof, further increasing the value of your home
  • A greener way to convert your loft
  • Perfect for expanding rental properties with minimal impact on existing tenants


Choosing offsite modular construction

Why would I choose a modular loft conversion over a traditional build?
Modular loft conversions are faster to complete, less disruptive and can be better value than traditionally built lofts. Your new loft will be constructed from precision-engineered steel in a South Yorkshire factory. This makes the loft stronger and more durable. An offsite build also means there is thorough quality control and testing of all components prior to delivery.

As a modular conversion involves replacing your existing front roof, you will benefit from a brand new, steel framed front roof that will not sag or leak.

How much is this going to cost?
Your final contract price will depend on the size of your loft and the features that you choose. The process of craning the loft modules onto your roof means that it is necessary to replace your roof. As a result, modular loft conversions can appear slightly more expensive than an equivalent traditional loft conversion, but actually represent much better overall value to you. 

Is the payment schedule the same?
The payment schedule for modular loft conversions is simpler than the schedule for a traditional loft conversion due to the more efficient nature of the process. Payments will be made to our client account as follows:

     i.     20% deposit upon signing a contract

    ii.     30% once the factory has received the approved designs

   iii.     30% of the contract value upon all of the modules being lifted into position on your roof

  iv.     20% of the contract value upon completion of the works

Can you give me an overview of the process?
Once you have confirmed you are interested in a modular loft conversion, our design consultants will visit to check the outside of your home for obstacles, such as tall trees, that may obstruct the crane operation. We will also check whether a temporary road closure or parking bay suspensions are needed. However, a large majority of installations will not require a road closure.

A 3D laser survey of your existing loft and stairwell will then be carried out. You will need to make sure that your loft is clear of any personal belongings before this survey begins.

An application for planning consent and a certificate of lawful development will be made on your behalf. At the same time, we will submit an application for a temporary road closure, in the unlikely instance that it is required.

The architects and engineers will then start to design the modules required to build your loft, based on the proposals approved by you, and the dimensions from the 3D survey. You will have the opportunity to select the internal finishes you require, such as skirting boards and light switches, from a wide range of options.

Once you have given your final approval of the plans, they will be sent to the factory for fabrication. From placing the order to completion of the modules usually takes approximately 4-6 weeks. The finished modules will be moved by HGV from our factory to your home and craned onto your roof in just one day.

Approximately one week before the modules are due to be lifted onto your roof, the installation team will begin preparatory works in your property, such as running supplies and services to the loft level and installing structural supports. Once the modules are in position they will complete the final works such as sealing them together and installing the staircase.

For a two module loft, the installation team should only be on site intermittently for up to fourteen days, massively reducing the time taken to complete the project and the disruption caused to you.

Sounds great – I would like a modular loft conversion. What do I do now?
We will need to carry out a few quick checks just to ensure that your home and road are suitable for a modular loft conversion. Almost all types of property are suitable but circumstances such as tall trees at the front of your house, a very narrow road or having a timber-framed home can mean your loft has to be built in the traditional way. Once we have confirmed your home's suitability, we will arrange for a 3D laser survey of your loft and stairwell to ensure we have precise measurements of the existing space.

Are offsite modular-construction lofts a mass-produced product?
Absolutely not. Your modular loft will still be built to fit your home’s precise dimensions and finishes. Internally, you will be able to custom design your loft as you wish. Once you have approved the final designs, the plans will be sent to the factory and the loft will be built. 

Will my loft look different to a traditional loft?
No, it will look identical externally and internally. However, rather than using timber to build your loft, which can warp, sag and be affected by woodworm and damp over time, your new modular loft conversion will be built from steel, and is therefore much stronger and less prone to movement, eliminating most of the cracking which follows an ordinary loft build.

Can I make changes to my loft specification?
Yes, you can make changes to the design and specification up until the point when you have approved the final plans and these have been sent to the factory.

Is offsite construction new technology?
Offsite modular construction has been around for a number of years. Most new schools, hospitals and many residential buildings make use of this construction technique. It is a tried and tested construction method that has recently been promoted by the UK Government for residential dwellings. Using our experience in loft conversions over the past decade, Landmark Lofts has adapted existing modular technology to develop a revolutionary modular loft conversion system.


How long does it take to actually build my loft in the factory?
From the start of the build it wil only take approximately five days to complete your project in the factory.

How does the loft get delivered?
The process for a modular loft is different to that of a traditional loft, as it is delivered to your property in a nearly finished condition. We achieve this by transporting it from a factory in South Yorkshire by HGV and then lifting it onto your property using a crane. In a minority of cases, we will need to close the road in front of your house for the working day whilst the modules are craned into position.

I understand that my roof will need to be replaced. Will my property be waterproof if it rains during this time?
Yes, in order to crane your new modular loft conversion into position, your existing roof will need to be replaced. This will only be done the day before the modules arrive at your home. Special covers are used to ensure that your home will remain safe and dry for the short period between the roof being removed and the new loft conversion being craned into position. Compared with a traditionally built loft, your home is safer and far less likely to suffer any leaks.

When will the staircase be fitted?
The stairs will start to be fitted approximately two days after the loft modules have been delivered. It normally takes a day to install the stairs.

What about the bathroom?
You can choose your bathroom and tiles from either our preferred bathroom partners or your own supplier. It will need to be delivered to our factory by a certain date, which we will communicate to you with plenty of notice. If you use your own bathroom supplier and the bathroom is not at our factory by the deadline then it will have to be installed on site and additional charges will apply.

Will the installation team need access to my property prior to the delivery of the modules?
Yes. After the scaffold is erected, a team will visit the week before delivery to install the key structural supports into the party walls. The team will also remove your existing roof in preparation for the modules to be lifted into position the day prior to installation.

Will we still need scaffolding?
Yes, scaffolding will be used to ensure the safety of the installation team. Scaffolding will only be required for a week or two, minimising disruption to you and your neighbours.

Will my road be blocked?
On the day of delivery there will be a HGV and a mobile crane outside of your home. In about 90% of cases it will be possible to deliver without requiring a road closure, depending on the width of your road and parking restrictions. If not, an application will be made to close the road as part of our service. The road closure is normally only needed during working hours for one day, so many of our clients’ neighbours won’t even notice that the road was closed.

If my road needs to be closed how long does this take to arrange?
This varies depending on your borough or council. It can take 6-13 weeks for the application to be processed, although in some cases it is possible to arrange a closure sooner. The road closure application can run concurrently with your planning application and/or party wall notices so should not add any time to the overall project.

If my road doesn’t require closing, what is the timescale for obtaining a crane licence?
If your road does not require a closure, it will normally only be necessary to suspend parking bays and obtain a crane licence for the day of delivery. The timescale for the various applications is around 3 weeks.

How will I know if the road is wide enough to carry out the work?
One of our team will carry out an initial survey of your road, working out whether a road closure is necessary. Only very narrow, steep or bendy roads are unsuitable to receive a modular delivery.

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of delivery?
Contingency is built into the delivery process and we keep a close watch on the weather conditions. If it is not possible to complete the lift-up operation on the day due to very bad weather, your roof will be left watertight and delivery will be rearranged for the earliest possible day which is forecast to have better weather.

Can the council refuse the application to close the road or for a crane to be used?
Whilst councils are able to refuse crane license applications on certain grounds, such as other works going on in your road at the same time, this is unusual. The solution is generally to move the dates of your installation to avoid conflicting with other proposed works.

If I am having additional work carried out below the loft level will this extend the time of the install?
The timescale quoted is for the installation of the loft and all work required to install the new staircase. If you are having additional work carried out, such as chimney breasts removed below the loft or a bathroom refurbished, then this will be completed separately.

How offsite modular construction works

Does this type of build change the planning or permitted development requirements for my build?
No. The process of planning is not affected by this build type and the process for obtaining planning permission or a certificate of lawfulness is exactly the same as that of a traditional loft.

How will this affect my neighbours?
Modular loft conversions are neighbour-friendly! The whole modular process is efficient, keeping disruption to a minimum and your neighbours happy. The shorter build time means parking spaces in your road aren’t occupied by builders for weeks and your road will not be occupied with deliveries.

Does my existing roof remain in place?
No, as part of every modular loft you will receive a completely new roof with a 10 year guarantee.

What happens during the two weeks on site?
The installation team will first prepare your home for delivery of your new loft, including erecting scaffolding, removing your existing roof and waterproofing your property. Once your loft has been delivered, the team will connect it up to your utilities, fit the stairs, and complete all sealing and snagging work that is required.

Will the loft be decorated?
Yes, the loft will be decorated. Any new areas of plaster or woodwork below the loft level, such as the staircase or stairwell, will also be decorated by the installation team as part of your contract.

Once the build is completed

Will there be any mess downstairs?
With a modular loft conversion, it is always about minimising the impact on the client. When the new stairs are installed there will be some disruption, however this will last a matter of days rather than weeks.

Do modular lofts still come with a guarantee?
Yes, you will still get a comprehensive structural guarantee as well as an insurance backed guarantee and deposit protection.

*Further information on the 14 day guarantee here

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