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Loft conversion costs: What’s the bottom line?

How much does a loft conversion cost?  This is one of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners who wish to add rooms to their property, and there are a number of factors that one must take into account when determining the cost of a loft conversion. Here are five key factors...

1) The type of loft conversion

There are four basic types of loft conversions including a dormer, mansard, hip-to-gable, and Velux. If a project incorporates a dormer conversion or if a loft conversion requires a lot of external changes to be made to a property, the cost will be higher than for a basic loft conversion that uses roof windows, as the work will be far more complex.

2) The type of property you have

The size, type, age, condition of your home, and features, such as an unusual roof layout, will affect the type of loft conversion you will be able to undertake and therefore, the final cost. 

3) How much space you would you like to create

Until you discuss your needs with our design consultant, it may be difficult to see the potential that your home has. You might start out thinking there’s enough space up there to squeeze a spare bedroom in, only to discover that there are endless possibilities depending on how much you are willing to alter the layout of your home, from classic master bedroom and en-suite combos to home gyms, living rooms and libraries.

4) Electrical and plumbing work

How much electrical and plumbing work that will need to be carried out as a result of your new space will have some bearing on the bottom line, and this will vary depending on the size, layout and function of your loft conversion. All loft conversions will include electrical work, for example from lighting, to smoke alarms and power sockets. The main factors to consider in terms of the plumbing are whether there are any water tanks that need to be moved or if a combi boiler is going to be installed to replace any existing water tanks, and also, if you’re going to incorporate an en-suite bathroom in your new space. Assigning a cost to this is more challenging as the scope of the work is so varied. This is where Landmark Heating comes in.

5) Personal style

Your choice of windows, flooring and finishes can have a huge impact on the bottom line – it goes without saying that if you want everything to be gold-plated it’s going to cost you. Before we start work on your loft conversion, we’ll go through all of the options with you so that you can choose specifications that are in line with your taste and budget.

Landmark Lofts is part of the Landmark Group - the only group in London specialising in the project management of loft conversions, extensions and refurbishments to include a Chartered Building Company (CIOB), Chartered Architectural Practice (RIBA) and to be regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The Landmark Group specialises in the project management of loft conversions, extensions and refurbishments.

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Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors
Chartered Institude of Builders
Roya lInstitude of British Architects
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz

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