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Having chosen us to project manage a loft conversion at their previous home, Rachel and her husband also employed us to add a loft conversion to their newly purchased two-bedroom terraced house in Mortlake. By doing so, the couple were able to get the space they needed without moving too far away from Putney, where Rachel had lived for 12 years.

The Project

With the arrival of their first child, Harry, Rachel and Ian decided it was time to move out of their flat in Putney. “We needed ground floor access and a garden, because the flat was fourth floor, with no lift, so I did it for the first six months with a pram, but it was unsustainable!” Rachel explained. They decided to keep ownership of the flat and rent it out, and contracted Landmark to manage a loft conversion which would add an extra bedroom with space for another tenant. At the same time, they purchased a new family home for themselves.

Houses in Putney were too expensive, so they searched for a property as close to it as possible. They settled upon a terraced house on a quiet side street in Mortlake. However, the intention was to add a loft conversion from the outset. “We saw that a lot of other people on the street had loft conversions.” Rachel said, and as the houses were small, two bedroom properties, having the loft converted would enable them to get the space they needed whilst staying within their budget. She added that “If we bought a 3 bedroom house it would’ve cost a lot more than this 2 bedroom and getting a loft.”

Our Approach

When initially searching for a company for the two projects, Rachel got quotes from a number of companies. She had heard of Landmark through her neighbour who had worked with us, and chose us over all the others because of our transparency and the depth of our design consultant’s knowledge.

The design of the couple’s new loft focused on creating as much useable space as possible on top of a quite small floor plan.  They also wanted to have a separate bathroom rather than an en-suite and a utilities cupboard to contain their washer-dryer. Our architects worked closely with them to produce a plan that provided them with this whilst keeping space in their bedroom to a maximum.

As the project progressed to the build stage, the couple found the assistance of their Landmark project manager invaluable. “Because he was managing both projects, he was a useful point of call.” She said, and he helped ensure any issues were dealt with swiftly. They also found it easy to communicate with us, and this was especially important as the couple were renting a separate property during the two projects and didn’t spend much time on-site. 

Commenting on the work of our project manager, Rachel said:

“He provided an extra level of confidence. I hadn’t done a project like this before, and he could translate some of the more technical information and tell you where you are.”

The Result

Rachel and Ian only moved in once they had completely renovated and decorated their new home. In keeping with the rest of the property, the loft is a light, contemporary and open room, with fitted wardrobes beneath the sloping ceiling and a cupboard in the eaves providing storage without intruding into the floor space.

Rachel says she loves living in her new loft, and although she was worried about being under the flight path to Heathrow, the sound proofing is very effective and there is little street noise. In fact, she told us that “There’s no way I would sleep downstairs.”

She’s also delighted with the large street-facing Velux windows fitted to her loft, which bathe the room in light each morning. “Every time I walk down the road I’m proud because we’ve got the biggest windows!” she says, noting that none of the other companies she got quotes from offered them.

With a second child on the way, the loft conversion guarantees that each member of the family will have a space of their own into the future, and Rachel and Ian are looking forward to making many more memories in their new home.


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loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz

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