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This year's hottest interior design trends

With a new year comes new trends, and recently plenty of interior designers have been making their predictions for what will be in style in 2017. For every article you read, you’re guaranteed to get different answers, but here are five trends that at least some soothsayers agree on!

1. Blue

Dulux announced that its 2017 colour of the year is ‘Denim Drift’, a soothing and unobtrusive shade of blue. Paint your walls in this if you want to achieve a modern look without resorting to white or light grey. While some shades of blue may be coming to the fore this year, many interior designers are simultaneously predicting the end of navy and midnight blues. But if blue isn’t your colour, then don’t worry, it’s not the only up and coming choice.

2. Green

This has already been trending, focusing on darker greens, especially for decor and accent pieces, replacing those old-hat navy blues. Emerald green cushions look great on many sofas. However, for those who feel dark green is a bit too gloomy for their homes, how about the Pantone colour of the year? Begging to differ with Dulux, they’ve proposed a bright, vibrant green which straddles the line between brash and neutral. But this trend towards green isn’t just limited to the man-made, as there’s also a craze for house plants at the moment.

3. Terracotta

If you do decide to bring nature into your home with some houseplants, you’ll need something to put them in. Fortunately, terracotta is set to return to interior design in 2017 in a big way. Terracotta pots, flooring, tiles and decor are all coming into fashion, promising to bring some rustic warmth into people’s homes now that the craze for angular, ultra-modern Scandi fades.

4. Cork

Cork is back in 2017. This stylish material adds warmth and texture to homes. On a practical level, having a cork covered wall is ideal for those who like to cover their walls in mementos, and for an office space it makes a convenient place for people to stick their notes. Cork is also a great soundproofing agent, which is useful in modern open plan homes.

5. Brass

It might look nice, but copper is so 2016

There’s no use looking back with rose-tinted glasses: copper is so last year. Bring on the brass! Designers were almost unanimous on predicting the demise of copper for this year, after its surging popularity led to a huge amount of imitation decor. But metallic finishes on home accessories will nevertheless stay in fashion, with brass being the metal of choice.

So you’ve seen what’s hot, how about what’s not? Interior designers say the reign of reclaimed wood furniture, a hipster favourite, is now over, as is the use of dark wood – looking too heavy to the discerning eye of 2017. Designers are also predicting a decline in popularity of huge open-plan spaces.

Ultimately however, the most important thing when it comes to decorating your home is to make it a space that you love. Draw inspiration from designers, from Instagram and pinterest, and from store showrooms, but if you’re still crazy about copper, swooning for Scandi or revel in reclaimed wood, don’t let anyone stop you!


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