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Top 10 tips for making the most out of the space available in your loft

A Loft conversion presents a new space to add a personal touch. As the space beneath the ceiling is extremely versatile, it gives a unique opportunity to be creative. The key is to be smarter with the square footage– using every little area, whether the room is a bedroom, home office or nursery. If you've recently completed your loft conversion, here are ten decorating ideas that will trigger your creative juices, enabling you to make the most out of your loft space.

1. Plan for the space:  Choose furnishings and decorative elements that offer maximum functionality in minimal square footage. There are numerous ways you can work with narrow passages and low eaves. Consider if there's enough room for a king size bed, or if the space can only accommodate a single bed. Perhaps you were thinking that the chaise longue in the living room would look great in a particular spot in your new loft. But if it doesn’t fit in that space, make sure you’ve got another option. 

2. Light colours: Light colours create an impression of expansiveness, while darker hues tend to close up an area. So, lighten up your walls and furnishings. White is a great option, and works well as a versatile backdrop. A subtle shade of lemon, or a pale, creamy yellow will also work well. If you prefer, lighter blues and greens do not only create a soothing atmosphere, but also enlarge and brighten the space. Pastel hues also make a space look bigger. Go for a light pink, mauve, or lavender!

3. Paint the ceiling: Consider painting the ceilings of your new loft. The trick to effectively open up a small space is to keep the colour contrast between the walls and ceilings to a minimum. Painting the ceiling the same hue as the walls helps to erase the shadow line that visually defines space and makes a room feel more open.  

4. Mirrors: When feautured on wardrobe doors, mirrors can expand a room visually by doubling the appearance of space. This is particularly effective when the mirrored doors go from floor to ceiling or wall to wall.

5. Less is more: Thinking of a large chest of drawers in your new loft? This may not be practical and could cause it to be too cramped. In most cases the minimalist approach is best for a smaller space, allowing the area to feel airy rather than cramped. 

6. Use space-saving furniture, e.g. a day bed: If storage space is an issue, a day bed is a great way to create the illusion that your new loft room is more of a small sitting area as opposed to a bedroom that has been taken over by an oversized bed. As daybeds often have storage underneath, this will also help you make the most of your loft space. 

7. Let in natural light: Natural light can do wonders for small loft spaces by making them feel bright and airy. Roof windows are a common and great way to flood your room with natural light. If you don’t opt for a window in the roof but an ordinary one, fabric curtains that fall right to the floor give the illusion of light and space. If possible, try and have your curtain poles extended beyond the window recess so that curtains can be drawn back, helping to make them look wider. Even better, opt for blinds as these give a cleaner visual to a loft, motorised blinds are a popular option and can be opened from any height. This will enable you to control the amount of light, even on windows that are higher up. This is also handy for those months where the sun makes an appearance earlier than you would like it to!

8. Built-in storage: Opting for built-in furniture, such as storage, desks and shelving can instantly transform the look of your loft and maximise the room. Well thought out furniture choices eliminate excess clutter and will make your loft look organised and seamless. Freestanding furniture can sometimes leave a lot of wasted spaces, but if you opt for built-in storage try taking them all the way to the ceiling, giving an illusion of height. Under the eaves are excellent places for built-in desks with drawers, small bespoke storage units or even a seat by a window or trunk. 

9. Bespoke storage: A popular concern about building a loft is losing attic space, this needn’t be the case. Many consider bespoke storage as a tidy solution that also allows you to take advantage of the eaves, nooks and spaces which are often simply hidden. A bedside table or a book case can occupy a lot of floor space in a loft, try replacing these with wall shelves. Wall shelves can provide a more open feeling and extra floor space, while giving you all the room you need for your essentials. If wardrobe space is a concern a bespoke solution along the length of the walls are a neat and compact way of combining functionality with design. If you’ve designated your new loft as the master bedroom, it may be worth investigating some bespoke storage options.

10. Statement ceiling lighting: A common trick for making a room seem larger is utilising vertical space. You can make the most of the height of your loft with a ceiling light fixture, such as a long pendant hanging from the highest point in the ceiling. This will draw the eye towards it and emphasise the room’s height. For an opulent aesthetic, go for a luxurious chandelier. Alternatively, recessed spot lighting might suit your taste more, and they're not only eye-catching, but also look neat in smaller spaces. 

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loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz

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