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Keep it cosy!

If you’re feeling chilly in your current conversion, these top tips will make sure your loft stays warm and welcoming all winter. 

Warm up with windows
Installing double or triple-glazed windows helps prevent heat loss, and if they’re south-facing even better – more sunlight means more heat (and a brighter loft space). We recommend Velux windows, which have clever options like automatic timers to help control your loft’s temperature. 

Find the right floor 
Carpet offers the best insulating properties and creates a cosy feel, especially in a bedroom. But if wooden floors are more your thing, consider a laminated hardwood option. This is stronger and more durable than natural wood, and it won’t expand or contract as the temperature changes. 

Insulate to accumulate 
By investing in good quality, eco-friendly roof insulation, like the high-performance insulating board we use at Landmark Lofts, you’ll keep the heat in and save money on your energy bills. Without it, you run the risk of condensation and mould ruining your home and affecting your health. 

Help out your heating 
Make sure your radiators are positioned strategically so they’re not covered by large pieces of furniture or full-length curtains. And don’t be afraid to choose a radiator style that suits you and your décor. Opting for underfloor heating in a loft en suite helps to warm up the whole space, too. 

Don’t forget the décor  
Finishing touches like warm paint colours, low lighting and soft furnishings can enhance a room’s cosy qualities. Fleecy throws, insulated blinds or curtains, floor lamps, and plush rugs underfoot will instantly transform a bare loft into a snuggly escape from the cold outside.

Summer solutions
When the winter’s over, the top of your house might feel a little too warm. Check out our top tips to cool things down in the summer, so you can enjoy your loft conversion all year round. 

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