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Eco-friendly tips that don’t cost the earth

We all want a better world for our children, yet we’re often bewildered by how expensive being environmentally friendly can seem. Here are some simple eco-friendly tips and hints that you may have overlooked that won’t hurt your bank balance... or the planet.

Wants Vs Needs

Invest in items that are necessities, not luxuries. By constantly asking yourself if you really need an item which you are about to purchase, you’ll find it becomes second nature and a way of life. Lofts are a big spend and you’d certainly want the end result to be nothing short of perfect, which often means incorporating gadgets. However, do you need that huge TV, remote controlled lighting and automatic window openers? Think about whether the added expense of running these along with their impact on the planet’s resources is worth it. 

Insulation & generation

Photovoltaics is the method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors. Installing these on your new or existing roof can save you £150 a year, and under the Green Deal you can get as much as £645 back in feed-in tariff payments. Insulating different areas of your house could earn you hundreds of extra pounds, as loft insulation could save you £180 per year and you can receive £100 cashback under the Green Deal.


Thousands of lofts are converted each year in London alone and it would make a world of difference if all loft conversion companies devised ecofriendly solutions. At Landmark Lofts, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the materials used to build your loft are renewable and locally sourced whenever possible .

Never too young to go green 

Get the kids onboard! In your new loft, create a ‘hide’ for the kids by placing a bird feeder outside the dormer or Velux window. It’ll be away from predators and provide a warm place indoors with awesome views from which to watch nature at work. By instilling green values at an early age, you are encouraging your children to explore lifestyles that benefit rather than cost the planet. Kids love to get involved and by making things adventurous and fun, they’ll love them even more. 

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