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Eco-friendly interiors

If you’re passionate about the environment and considering a loft conversion, you may have already read about some of the sustainable building materials and energy-saving techniques which can be used in your loft construction. But once your top-floor haven is complete, you’ll need to decorate. You can minimise your impact on the environment too. Here are some ways to adorn your new loft in an eco-friendly way without compromising on style or quality.

1. Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is an excellent alternative to wood or synthetic materials for floors and furniture. Bamboo grows fast and can be harvested without damaging the root, allowing it to re-grow. This makes it a much more renewable, and completely natural, resource compared to other options. It also absorbs more CO2 than hardwood trees, doesn’t need chemicals to help it grow, and can help prevent soil erosion. Best of all, it’s inexpensive and looks great!

2. Natural or Zero-VOC paint

Standard paints contain chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which vaporise once exposed to atmosphere. These can have an unpleasant effect on human health and are responsible for the irritation or nausea you may experience when you stand in a freshly painted room. These paints may also include heavy metals like lead or arsenic. Aside from the unpleasant effects these chemicals can have on the human body, the manufacturing process for these paints is bad for the environment. You can purchase paints with low or almost no VOC content, or you can choose completely natural paints which are made from plant oils and extracts.

3. Reclaimed and upcycled furniture

If you read our blog about 2017’s interior design trends, you may have seen that reclaimed wood is on its way out! If you like the look, however, we suggest you rock it anyway, and if shabby-chic isn’t for you, you can still make use of reclaimed and second hand materials to construct your furniture and decor. With today’s finishing techniques, it’s possible to turn a tired looking piece of wood into something which looks brand new. The more people who embrace upcycling, the less trees will be cut down, and best of all, it’s often cheaper and you can get some unique pieces too. All in all, we think upcycling is pretty neat!

4. Energy efficient lighting

When it comes to making the most out of natural light, lofts are already ideally placed in the home, with many choosing big Velux windows and Juliet balconies to build themselves a bright and airy retreat. However, during the night or one of Britain’s gloomy days, you’ll be switching on the lights. Choosing energy efficient lighting options can reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills, so it’s a win-win choice. LED lights are six times more efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs and have a much longer lifespan (up to 20 years!)

5. Wood from managed forests

If you opt for a timber floor or wood furnishings, choose products with Forest Stewardship Council certification. This means the timber is sourced from sustainable, managed plantations, where new trees are planted to replace those which have been felled. As a material, timber is also far more environmentally friendly than steel and plastics, which are produced through carbon intensive industrial processes and extracted from huge environmentally destructive mines or derived from fossil fuels.


Landmark Lofts is part of the Landmark Group - the only group in London specialising in the project management of loft conversions, extensions and refurbishments to include a Chartered Building Company (CIOB), Chartered Architectural Practice (RIBA) and to be regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The Landmark Group specialises in the project management of loft conversions, extensions and refurbishments.

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loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz

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