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This superb new loft, featuring two side dormers and a rear hip-to-gable, has provided Catherine and Mark’s detached 1930s property in Claygate with two spacious new children’s bedrooms and a second bathroom. As a result, they can now easily accommodate the whole family whilst having extra space for guests and a home office.

The Project

Mark and Catherine wanted to ensure each of their three daughters would have their own bedrooms to grow up in, whilst keeping one double bedroom free for family visits. Building upwards was the obvious solution. While there was an existing loft conversion, it was old and only used for storage space, and would need to be completely replaced to achieve the couple’s vision.

They wanted to find a company which would manage the whole build process for them. With this in mind, and based on a recommendation from Mark’s cousin, they got in touch with us for a quote. Having narrowed their choices down to between Landmark and another company, they chose us based on our professionalism and the positive experience of Mark’s cousin.

Our Approach

As they wanted two new bedrooms for their eldest daughters, Mark and Catherine’s prime concern was for the two rooms to be as similar in size as possible, to avoid any arguments! They also wanted a second bathroom which would be fully functional with its own shower. Our architects worked with them to design a loft which would meet their requirements within permitted development, maximising space with two side dormers and a rear gable.

Once the build started, Catherine, who was at home with her youngest daughter throughout, told us that the work “couldn’t have gone better.” After the scaffolding was completed at the beginning of the project, the build team accessed the loft from the outside, and there was little disruption to the family’s lives. The project went smoothly, and while the couple changed their mind at times, Catherine told us that the builders were happy to listen to them and accommodate their needs.

Asked about her experience with the build team, Catherine said:

“I was only pleasantly surprised by how undisruptive it was: how polite, tidy and clean everybody was.”

The Result

Starting with one bathroom, three double bedrooms and a box room, Catherine and Mark’s property now features a double bedroom for each member of the family, plus one extra for when relatives come to visit from Manchester. Their daughters’ new bedrooms in the loft are both bright and generously sized spaces, with as much storage space built into the eaves as possible. As travel enthusiasts, the couple decorated each of the rooms with a world map, so their daughters would grow up sharing their fascination with geography.

The loft also gives them the opportunity to transform their box room into a home office, giving them a peaceful space to focus on work. While the couple are aiming to carry out a ground floor extension in the future, their new bedrooms have guaranteed plenty of room and privacy for each member of the family as their daughters grow up. With the extra space, Mark and Catherine were able to comfortably host the family for Christmas, even with six extra people staying over! Catherine says the whole family is delighted with the result and that she would happily recommend Landmark to friends and family.

“I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work and the end result, it’s exceeded our expectations."

- Catherine

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loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz

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