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According to a study, 15.3 million homes in the UK are at risk of Toxic Home Syndrome,  a condition similar to ‘Sick Building Syndrome‘  in that it can cause everything from headaches and dizziness, to nausea, fatigue and skin irritations.

How can you reduce your chances of becoming ill and have a fresher, healthier home? Here are some simple solutions for detoxing your home.


Among the most common household biological pollutants, mould is normally released into the atmosphere through damp areas including bathrooms, damp spots on walls, window frames and decaying food. These spores can cause respiratory problems, asthma and allergic rhinitis.


  • Change your shower curtain regularly and try to avoid vinyl ones as they store water and are much likelier to develop mould.
  • Avoid drying clothes indoors which will increase moisture levels.
  • If drying clothes outdoors isn’t a possibility, keep your windows open.


Radon is a colourless, odourless, naturally occurring radiation that when inhaled in dust form can cause lung cancer. It comes from rocks and soil and the UK has varying levels of it.


  • Sealing holes in floors will not work alone so combine with a fan, a radon sump or under-floor ventilation.
  • Stopping smoking will allow damaged lungs to heal, reducing your risk
  • Order a radon detection pack via the Public Health England website


Proper ventilation is the key to a healthy home. If you have an open wood burning fireplace or cook with gas you could be releasing particle pollution, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide which can lead to respiratory difficulties if breathed in large quantities.


  • Invest in a mechanical ventilation systems. Although not cheap, they will vastly reduce the build up of non-allergenic noxious fumes.
  • When possible, keep windows open!

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

These are found in everyday cleaning products and can irritate the lungs. VOCs are also found in paint and synthetic fibres.


  • Use eco-friendly products and non-aerosol goods such as roll-on deodorants to reduce the amount of toxins you absorb.
  • If you’ve just decorated a room, keep the air circulating by opening a window .
  • Avoid spending time in such rooms until the paint has fully dried (this can take a few days!).


These come in many forms. Dirt, dust mites, pet dander, fungus and other particles harbour in carpets and curtains. Outdoor allergens found in pollen, soil and dirt can be spread through your home through shoes and the like.  Allergens can cause numerous health problems from the very mild to the more serious.


  • Have wooden floors instead of carpets
  • Take your shoes off when you enter the house
  • Vacuum your floors regularly with an anti-allergy vacuum cleaner
  • Wash your pets often

At Landmark Lofts we’re aware that a well ventilated house is a happy house. Contact us today to find out how our architects work with our clients to increase airflow and insulate effectively. 

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loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz

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