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Angela and Andrew had a west London house that wasn’t ticking all the boxes and was proving a tight squeeze. The solution? A loft conversion.

The Project

When Angela and Andrew contacted Landmark, the two-bedroom, one-bathroom house they called home had stopped meeting their needs. It was a bit cramped for visitors – Angela’s daughter, a student at Leeds University, would regularly come back to visit. And they felt unable to host other family members, especially at Christmas when they would come to enjoy Andrew’s cooking. “We didn’t really have the space to put them up,” said Angela, “so they stayed at hotels.”

It didn’t help matters that the property’s only bathroom was an en-suite, meaning guests had to go through the couple’s bedroom to use it. They had bought the house with the intention of converting the attic space into a large bedroom for themselves and a bathroom that was accessible to everyone from the new loft conversion stairs. After a few years of putting up with the problem, they bit the bullet and started doing their research

Our Approach

They weren’t initially aware of Landmark, Angela said, until they saw our banner on another loft conversion project. “What helped us make our decision and set you apart was seeing a finished loft in our local area,” she told us. “We’d seen lofts by other companies but found them to be too boxy and not our style.”

From design to final finishes, they wanted to be heavily involved in the project, despite the fact they were unable to live on-site during the renovation. They had a clear vision and presented their loft conversion plans to Giles, our design consultant. After assessing the space, Giles suggested moving the new loft stairs from the back bedroom to the front bedroom, leaving the couple with three double bedrooms, rather than two doubles and a single ­– a much better solution.

Once the build started, our team was able to redesign the scaffolding required to load it on to a smaller vehicle, overcoming access issues. Problem solved, the scaffolding went up and the project progressed smoothly. Angela told us she was pleased with the clarity of the payment schedule, knowing the costs up front and when each payment was due, and surprised by how quickly everything came together at the end. Her concerns about the conversion being completed before Christmas were put to rest – it was finished on time, as promised.

When asked what surprised her about the loft conversion process, Angela said:

“I was just amazed how everything felt so solid. You know when you go in somewhere and everything feels flimsy and like it’s not part of the house? For us it feels like it’s always been here.”

The Result

After picking out paint colours and adding their personal style, Angela and Andrew couldn’t be happier with their finished loft. They didn’t buy any new furniture, preferring to update older pieces to suit the cosy, comfortable style of the bedroom. And having the loft converted motivated them to complete all the odd-jobs around the house that needed doing, too.

With the house looking its best, they’ve been able to enjoy the spacious new layout and sound-proofing properties the loft conversion provides. Their friends and family agree that the whole house feels a lot bigger now, especially because of the extra light and landing. They carried out an online valuation and were pleased to tell us the loft conversion has increased the likely value of their home.

And the neighbours have taken note: “We’ve had people in Southfields come to look at our loft because they’re also thinking of doing one,” Angela said. She’s been quick to recommend Landmark and give them her advice. “Be involved in the process,” she tells them. “You need to work together. We got the loft we really wanted by doing this.”

When asked if she was happy with her loft conversion, Angela said:

“Yeah! I can’t not be. The perfectionism of the team helped solve issues quickly and to a high standard. Everybody’s loved it!”

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loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz

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