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An impressive mansard conversion, Landmark Lofts helped Matthew and Selina create a bedroom and bathroom at the top floor of their mid-terrace property in Clapham. Extremely happy with the outcome, Matthew says, ‘The new loft has had a really positive impact on the way that we live.’

The Project

When Matthew and Selina bought their current property in Clapham, they did so with a goal to convert the attic eventually. After living in their home for a year, they felt that it was time to create more space to accommodate their family. Matthew explains, ‘Our little boy was getting out of the cot and starting to run around a bit more, so we needed more room for him and also, more room for us.’

Originally, the property had two bedrooms; one larger-sized bedroom and a smaller room, which served as a home office. Wanting to make the best use of space in their attic, they envisioned a master bedroom and bathroom at the top floor of their home. Matthew says, ‘we were really just looking for the most space we could get out of the loft.’ Matthew and Selina’s neighbour was a client of Landmark Lofts and were ‘very positive about the whole process.’ As a result, the couple contacted Landmark Lofts for a free design consultation and the rest is history!

Our Approach

Matthew and Selina had no specific vision for their loft and were pleased to have guidance throughout the project. ‘There was very little going back and forth,’ Matthew says, ‘Landmark Lofts presented the plans and we were happy.’ As the couple wished to maximise space in the new loft, their in-house architect informed them that the ceilings would have to be lowered on the first floor. Although they were concerned, they felt reassured by Landmark Lofts’ expertise and competence.

As the couple wanted the loft to be bathed in light, Landmark Lofts incorporated two large Velux windows in the bedroom, as well as a skylight above the stairway to create a bright loft. Matthew says that the build team were ‘very pleasant,’ and happy with their work, he even asked for additional work to be done around their home, including new flooring, replacing windows, and refurbishing the bathroom on the first floor. Matt was also pleased with how their project manager performed, saying, ‘If I couldn’t get hold of a builder or we couldn’t get a response, then Hugh would get involved. He would always ensure that a response came back.’

The Result

The loft conversion saw the addition of two impeccably designed spaces to Matthew and Selina’s mid-terrace property and they are ‘very happy’ with the outcome. Originally a property with two bedrooms and a bathroom, the conversion added a light-filled master bedroom and bathroom to the top floor.

The bedroom is flooded with light due to two Velux windows and a sash window, and offer ample storage space in the eaves. A striking aspect of the room is the feature wall which boats a unique tree pattern. The feature wall design is characteristic of the whole property. ‘It was my idea to have feature walls,’ Matthew says, ‘but then using the white to open up the space a bit more.’ The bathroom is also contemporary and flawlessly finished. 

Matthew mentions that adding a new floor has ‘had a really positive impact’ on the way they live as they have more space. ‘We are able to live in a way that we like, rather than living to the confines of the old house.’ Now, their little one can enjoy having the first floor bedroom to himself. A few people have visited the property since the loft was converted they ‘find it quite hard to believe that this is the same place’. Matthew and Selina are happy with their decision to convert their attic and create more space in their home. 

Commenting on how the new loft has impacted their lives in a great way, Matthew says:

'We are really enjoying the better quality of life that the new loft offers the family.’

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loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz

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