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How to make your loft conversion child-proof

Do you have a little one on the way? Perhaps you already have a young child for whom you would love a brand new room? A growing family is a common reason for having a loft conversion, but when fitting out a bedroom for a young child there are lots of extra things to think about to ensure your child’s room is a safe place for them to sleep and play.

Safe stairs

If your child’s bedroom has been installed as part of a new loft conversion, it goes without saying that the access will be via a flight of stairs. Make sure you have a safety gate installed at the top and bottom of the stairs so your child can’t hurt themselves by going up or down them unsupervised. If you have young children and have had a loft conversion that doesn’t feature one of their bedrooms, a gate at the top may not be necessary.

Child-proofed bedrooms

All large peices of furniture in your child’s room should be fixed firmly to the walls. This will prevent them from pulling anything down on top of themselves should they attempt to climb onto it. If the room has eaves or a sloping ceiling, installing bespoke, fitted storage units is an excellent way of making maximum use of the available space. As they are built into the walls, there’s no danger of tipping them over.

You also need to think carefully about what kind of shelving you want in your child’s room. Consider whether you want some things, like books or toys, to be within reach, or whether you want everything to be inaccessible, so your child has to ask you to get them down. It may be a good idea to keep their favourite toys within reach, so they don’t take risks to try and get them for themselves. Don’t put anything heavy or fragile on the shelves anywhere in your child’s room, just to be safe.

Window awareness

If the window sill is low enough for a child to potentially reach, you should fit a window guard so it can’t open wide enough for the child to climb out. If you want to fit blinds, make sure they are cordless or designed to be child-safe, as blind cords can pose a risk. If you’d prefer to opt for curtains, choose some that stop at the window ledge so your child won’t be tempted to pull on them.

It’s also very important to consider the electrical outlets and appliances in your child’s room. Hide or employ wire guards for any electrical cables which may be within reach, and make sure the outlets are protected, either with plug covers or safe-plates.

For more general advice on keeping your little ones safe, you can find extensive advice on the NHS website.

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loftconversions in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz
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