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This wonderful dormer conversion in Kingston gave James and Carla just what they wished for; a master bedroom and an en-suite bathroom on the top floor of their end of terrace property. ‘It’s brilliant! It has given us more space and it feels like we are sleeping in a hotel,’ says Carla. 

The Project

When James and Carla bought their three-bedroom house in Kingston, they appreciated that there was ample room in the attic that could eventually be developed. Carla explains, 'We saw that the property had a really good size loft and so it had always been in the back of our minds to do a loft conversion, but it was just about timing.' After living in their home for over three years, they were ready to plan for the future and decided to convert their attic. They wanted to create a master bedroom on the top floor, which would then free up an extra bedroom on the first floor for their children and guests. They focused only on loft conversion companies that close friends had recommended and chose to work with Landmark Lofts to transform their house into their dream home.

Our Approach

To start the process, James and Carla met Landmark Lofts’ design consultant, Aneliese Deane, to discuss their options. Aneliese took a consultative approach to really understand what the couple wanted and how best to achieve it. There were a few ideas that Carla and James had that required some creativity to bring to life. As Carla wanted to incorporate a Juliet balcony, Aneliese took this idea a step further by recommending the addition of side panels that would complement the Juliet balcony. The couple expressed their concern that in building the staircase to the new loft, they would lose a room on the first floor.  So, Aneliese instructed the team to measure the area and advised that they wouldn’t have to lose the room enirely, only 20cm. To enhance the stairway, Aneliese also suggested incorporating a skylight above the stairs.

On her decision to work with Landmark Lofts, Carla says:

‘For me, it was more about the attention to detail that Landmark had around the design elements, compared to the other companies.’

The couple also formed a great relationship with the build team who were ‘absolutely amazing,’ and even requested some additional work on their house because they ‘loved them so much.’ Singing the build team’s praises, Carla added that having lived at home throughout the build, ‘the team were really good at protecting everything,’ which the family really appreciated. She was particularly pleased that the builders let her know what would be occurring at the property and when.

Happy with the level of communication, she continues:

‘They kept us informed everyday and they would tell us what was happening.'

The Result

The dormer added a bedroom and en-suite bathroom to James and Carla’s end of terrace house in Kingston and the family are thrilled. ‘It’s brilliant! It has given us more space and it feels like we are sleeping in a hotel,’ says Carla. Friends who have visited the loft are ‘really impressed’ and the couple are happy with their new upstairs sanctuary.

The cosy bedroom in the new loft serves as a James and Carla’s master bedroom and with the eaves and built-in wardrobes, it offers plenty of storage space. Light streams into the beautifully finished room through a large Velux window and a Juliet balcony, which opens up to reveal the lovely garden below. The en-suite bathroom is also wonderful. In a contemporary finish, it features stylish cabinets that work well with the shades of the tiles. 

The new loft complements the existing property, where grey walls are the defining feature of the interior. An interior design enthusiast, Carla says, ‘As soon as we knew were converting our loft, I had already gotten onto Farrow and Ball and worked out what colours we were going to have and we end up repainting the whole house.’ The outcome is evidence of passion and expertise; the first floor décor flows seamlessly with the top floor which is accessible by a vibrantly carpeted stairway. Here, a skylight lets light stream into the loft. For Carla, the temperature in the new loft is perfect. She says that 'it’s really nicely insulated as it can be really warm but can also be really cool.'

James and Carla are delighted that the loft has added a ‘significant amount’ to the value of the property.’ Carla explains:

‘The last value we had was when we bought it four years ago, but it’s almost worth double what we paid for it’.

To anyone considering converting their loft, Carla says: ‘Just do it. It’s really worth it!’ 

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