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Joanna recently invited us over to dish about her brand new white-out loft conversion in South West London. The bedroom features a faux balcony and the bathroom’s dark tiling adds drama, I could go on but I’ll let Joanna tell it.

1.How are you using your new space and more importantly, how are you enjoying it? 

The room’s primary purpose is to be an office for my husband who runs his business from home.  With 2 toddlers at home with our Nanny during the day, the house can get very noisy and we wanted to create a quiet, comfortable work space. The secondary use is as a guest room.  With clever storage and furniture ideas, we achieved both goals.
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In early 2013, Jenny approached us with a truly unique project that we jumped at the opportunity to work on. Jenny and her husband had purchased the run-down 1820s Georgian home a few years earlier and had ambitious plans to renovate it, but her demanding career and second full-time job as a mum of two teens kept getting in the way.

We managed to lure the busy Jenny from Pimlico away from her desk with our promise of cake and tea (who could refuse?) to discuss her loft conversion and home extension experience and to ooh and ahh over the photographs our professional photographer had sent us. Read the rest of this blog post

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In early January we gave you a sneak peek of one of our loft conversion projects that made its way into Time & Leisure Magazine. We were so proud of this project that we sent a professional photographer over to photograph Neil’s new space, as we do with so many of our projects, because we believe that a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

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What happens when you love the home you’re in but you have little’uns that are getting bigger as opposed to littler? You can uproot your family and relocate into a larger home, or you can do what Bill and Liz did and stay put and transform it into a home that better suits your complex and changing needs. The happy couple invited us over to check out their new loft conversion in West London and to talk us through their renovations experience.

1.       What made you decide on home improvements?

We have two small children, a boy and a girl, and realised that they would be needing their own rooms in the future. We are very happy in our house and didn’t want to have to move so thought the ideal solution would be expand. It also seemed a cost effective solution given the expense of moving house. Read the rest of this blog post